Sunday, July 29, 2012

Omgosh, am I blogging?!

I don't know what to blog about but.. Oh well. My cousin suggested that I get back into it because I "know" how to do that kind of thing. What exactly she meant by that... I have no clue, lol. But I have a pretty boring life. I guess this is why I don't  write anything anymore. I usually only express myself through pinterest and instagram.. I am addicted to both! I'm actually quite bored right now. My husband is asleep in the chair in front of the boob tube  and my cat child is asleep at the end of the bed.. and I'm hungry but I don't usually eat until I'm so hungry and I can't eat enough, ahhhh. But I am currently enjoying some good reads. Bloom by Kelle Hampton who has an amazing blog herself and if you haven't heard of her then you probably live under a rock like me... lol just kidding. I also picked up a copy of PCOS for Dummies to try to understand and manage my condition. I think I might try to Skype my jennay later... maybe. She has brought to my attention that she wants to start up her own photography business!! Which I would love to do but I in no way have the means to buy the things that it would take to do so.. but if I ever could I would name it Cheeky Eye Productions! Where I would focus on animals, mother nature and intriguing things that just please the eye. I would also probably take loads of photos of my family and friends, because thats always fun and adventurous! But I wish her the best of luck in her endeavors and I just want her to be happy. In the mean time I still have no job. I may attend college soon but right now I'm just trying to focus on getting healthy. Going to the gym and eating right. So once I get to where I feel comfy. I will do all kinds of crazy. And then... I will def. have something to write about!



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