Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy 24th.. again.. and again..

 Thanks to all the awesome people in my life, I had an aaammmaaaazzzziiinnnnggg birthday weekend!! Seriously you guys it's just what I needed. So Friday night Izzy picked me up and we headed out to go to a friends for pizza and bowling. So There was my dumplin (Izzy) Justin, AZ (who does like me, lol) and is a little fire cracker of fun! Then we went to Dr. Chads and Julies house who had the cutest little pina coladas waiting for us with our very own keepsake straws =) where we met up with Melissa and her adorable owl shirt made me happy! And Sara who happens to be an avid Hanson fan and sporting her top which was designed by Taylor, lol. Her friend Heather who I later found out her nickname for bowling was "H9" because her named wouldn't fit the screen in high school. Later a cute bubbly girl named Alysa and her fiance Derrick (or Derek?) I'm not sure. It was a great time!! I bowled all of 46, lol. But I can't wait to hang out with the wonderful crew again!!!

Saturday Morning I had a flood of phone calls of Birthday wishes!! My Jennay (BFF Brandy) picked me up and did some serious window shopping, lol. We stopped at my grammas for a few hours where we ganged up on her for taking our "Graaaaaaaaaanmmmmaw make us some grit's" (magnet frame with our pictures on it) off the fridge, haha.

At 7 pm we went to my brother Jasons' house and to my surprise Amy was there!!! I love you Amy, you so get me and random questions of life. My brother split once the words "A Perfect Wedding" were spoken. This is a game from 1993 that my sister-in-law was in love with and for some reason we get the biggest kick out of and our latest victim was Brandy but was even sweeter when Amy was there, so it was a 2 for 1 deal!!! Anyways after having some awesome spaghetti, pouring down a few Bday shots and playing a 90's themed game. We had some cake. Which was AMAZING, oh let me say that again AAAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAZZZZIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Lol. My brother Jason actually made it and it was the most glorious cake I have ever tasted. My fave flavors!! Chocolate cake and whipped strawberry frosting! And he did such a goood job. Jason you can make my cake fooooeeeevvvver!!!

So a bunch of people made this B-day great! My mom, My husband (Who unfortanely has to work all the time), Grandma Rita =), My Gramma.. Brandy, Juuulie, Amy, Liz & the crew! Thank you soooo much and I love you all!!! It makes turning 26 not so bad afterall.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ahhh, sleep deprived..

Ever get so very tired that your cheeks just ache? I don't know. But it goes from my cheekbones all the way up into my ears. The thing is though.. I cannot get my mind to rest at night. I have medication for this but, I don't like taking it.. I don't want to pass out! I want real sleep! Not to wake groggy as a froggy in the morning.. no no. UGH. I need to rest if I'm going to be healthy like I planned. This is really irritating me. Ah well.. I will get through this. Goodnight world.

Eating better, sleeping worse!

Well, I am definitely eating better you guys! This is good news! I've completely cut out all sodas and sugary drinks.. all except the hardest one of all...... SWEET TEA!!! Dang why do I fall into the southern stereo typical drinking fashion. LOL.
Anywho as for my sleeping schedule. That is still up in the air! It is so dog on frusturating to go to sleep at night. For numerous reasons.

1) Before I was married I never had to share a bed =(
I am def a bed hog and I like to be smack dab in the middle with tons and bunches of pillows.. to feel like the princess I am.
2) I NEED a new matress and box spring set.
I have had mine for about 5 or 6 years!!! So when me and Scott, my husband try to sleep we both kind of slump into the middle crowding each other, due the years of me sleeping in the middle, haha.
3) My mind freaks me out a lot and my husband hates the tv on at night.
4)I ALWAYS have something on my mind that I feel I need to do.. or rushing morning to come I don't know it's hectic.
5)I can't take sleep aid for the fact of feeling groggy the next day.

So me not sleeping makes for a grumpyface Becca who doesn't want to go the gym in the morning.. I will figure this out!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm still tryin' to figure it out.

I get so frustrated of how everything looks so easy for everyone else. Well I guess to only to people I don't know very well, I guess I don't really know what some people go through.. I know that there are people out here that have things far worse than I do. I just cannot seem to get it right. I woke up today asking myself "Would I rather say I wish I had, or I'm glad I did" I guess I need to stop making excuses and do what I need to do. I know I will be happier in the end. I just have to remind myself that I can change what the future holds if I just get out here and get it done. I hope that I will have positive updates from here on out. So with this said, I must go get started, right now.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just an ordinary girl who wants peace, love & happiness.

I'm pretty new to this. I have no idea what I am doing, or what to say. But these are my thoughts and since I have freewill, I can think them. I know that there will be times that I will never make sense and it will be lots of mindless psycho babble.. because I am an insomniac and once you're tired and can't sleep.. you become a little bit delirious, lol. At lease I do.

Now, I want to explain a couple things. Such as my user name, where it came from and my title.. etc. etc. Cheeky Chat is simple enough.. I know silly but, I feel like it's me to a T. For one I am a very cheeky and witty girl. I am a bit sarcastic and I will pretty much talk about just anything.

 I feel as though there a lot of people that have great things to say but aren't always heard because of a number of things. Sometimes, not being so popular or not knowing the right people to speak to.. Shyness.. self-esteem issues... yadda yadda yadda..
I for one can vouch for a couple of these things. No one listens to me.. For one I'm quite the pushover. I want everyone to be happy all of the time, and I will take whatever comes my way for this to be possible. I know this isn't always the best thing for me.. but I would much rather help someone else out before myself.
I'm not saying that I'm not worth it.. not saying that at all. I'm just really compassionate about people and the conservation of our world. I get so tired of people treating others poorly. It's really not fair to anyone.
... see ... psychobabble.
So as you can see.. my blog will probably only benefit me, lol.
I need to vent somewhere.. even if no one hears or sees.
Phew, I feel better.
I encourage everyone to live with kindness and respect.
besides.. how can being ugly to one another make anyone really feel good about themselves? I don' t know.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

So, I generally started this blog because my husband works, we share a car and I'm an insomniac, lol.  I had started a blog last year but really I didn't have much to say.. so I thought. And you know I still don't really have much to say but this is sort of my way of keeping my sanity. I'm recently venturing out in a few new projects in my life so I figured what the hey, I will blog about it. Not that anyone will read it and that it will be perfect because I am certainly no english major and I pretty much type like I talk.... 100 MPH... and basically that is how my mind works.

I abandoned my blog from last year, and didn't think much of it. But recently a very good friend of mine took on an amazing hobby, which turned into a talent, that definitely turned into her passion. And she created a blog about it, and then another about her lifes adventures behind it! This struck up my interest to get back into my blogging. Thanks Izzy!!

Well I look forward to many more nights sharing my mindless ramble with anyone who will read it. So until next time.


(Insert cheeky blog name here)

I was having a terrible time picking a new domain for my blog project. It's awlful. Seriously. I stay up late at night thinking of names. Even crappy names, even the crappy ones are usually taken. What a mess?

It's incredible how many weird domains are already registered. So basically I picked my name using these points:

- Will my readers remember?
- Can readers tell what my blog is about?
- Is it appropriate?
- Brainstorm/take my time.

And I'm pretty happy with my end result, I think that it is so me.

As described in my about me section. I am not going to restrict my blog to one particular topic, It's my life, it's my blog, it's what I love, real.