Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today, I will smile :0)

I feel pretty okay today. Kind of happy even. Only at certain times though. When Scott is around, I'm happy. Sometimes I'm mean.. but I am happy. I get annoyed easily because of the situation we are in.. but today I felt hopeful. Although my "Dr." pissed me off pretty much. But I don't care. Because I washed clothes and I took a wonderful bath and soaked in my happiness today. I hugged and kissed my husband and I miss him right now. I sit here and watch little house on the prairie and I want a wonderful love and relationship and family like that one day with my Scott. I know that is pretty far fetched because times have changed so much but I just want love and to love. That is all today. My doctor did not change my meds but told me a different way to take them so hopefully that will work if not I am going to speak up for sure next visit and he WILL listen to me!! Anyways Happy day/night everyone. Scott Winterburn, I love you!

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