Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eating better, sleeping worse!

Well, I am definitely eating better you guys! This is good news! I've completely cut out all sodas and sugary drinks.. all except the hardest one of all...... SWEET TEA!!! Dang why do I fall into the southern stereo typical drinking fashion. LOL.
Anywho as for my sleeping schedule. That is still up in the air! It is so dog on frusturating to go to sleep at night. For numerous reasons.

1) Before I was married I never had to share a bed =(
I am def a bed hog and I like to be smack dab in the middle with tons and bunches of pillows.. to feel like the princess I am.
2) I NEED a new matress and box spring set.
I have had mine for about 5 or 6 years!!! So when me and Scott, my husband try to sleep we both kind of slump into the middle crowding each other, due the years of me sleeping in the middle, haha.
3) My mind freaks me out a lot and my husband hates the tv on at night.
4)I ALWAYS have something on my mind that I feel I need to do.. or rushing morning to come I don't know it's hectic.
5)I can't take sleep aid for the fact of feeling groggy the next day.

So me not sleeping makes for a grumpyface Becca who doesn't want to go the gym in the morning.. I will figure this out!


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