Saturday, January 15, 2011

So, I generally started this blog because my husband works, we share a car and I'm an insomniac, lol.  I had started a blog last year but really I didn't have much to say.. so I thought. And you know I still don't really have much to say but this is sort of my way of keeping my sanity. I'm recently venturing out in a few new projects in my life so I figured what the hey, I will blog about it. Not that anyone will read it and that it will be perfect because I am certainly no english major and I pretty much type like I talk.... 100 MPH... and basically that is how my mind works.

I abandoned my blog from last year, and didn't think much of it. But recently a very good friend of mine took on an amazing hobby, which turned into a talent, that definitely turned into her passion. And she created a blog about it, and then another about her lifes adventures behind it! This struck up my interest to get back into my blogging. Thanks Izzy!!

Well I look forward to many more nights sharing my mindless ramble with anyone who will read it. So until next time.


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